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Drugs are wrong? Really? How can you be so sure?

I was reading VK Narayanan’s post advocating the criminalization of drugs last week. The post was a rebuttal of Jug Suraiya’s argument for legalization of drugs. It was an interesting exercise in analytical deconstruction insofar as it did NOT yield itself to such a deconstruction. It reminds me of Richard Bach’s quote from ‘Running from

$220K, the RIAA, and more

Now that Jaimme Thomas has decided to appeal against the verdict that held her liable to the tune of $220K in the lawsuit against RIAA, the old debate of Copyright laws, Digital Right Management and the RIAA itself have resurfaced. For starts, the case itself was resolved in a somewhat shady manner. The judge required

The first amendment is so antiquated — best to do away with it

A long long time ago the ‘founding fathers’ of USA wrote the shortest constitution in the world. Obviously a lot was missing from it and so they started making amendments to it. The notable ones being amendments to include individual rights. They are collectively referred to as the ‘Bill of Rights‘. The First Amendment in