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Glenn Beck’s US health care vs. Indian health care

If you needed any evidence at all to convince you that Glenn Beck is an insightful journalist with untarnished ethos, he provides a new one everyday on his self-titled Faux News program. Here is his new one reflecting his acumen on understanding of the health care systems in India and the US.

I am not in Costa Rica because I am not Muslim

I was supposed to be in Costa Rica this week. Instead, I am still in College Station, Texas. Mostly because I am not Muslim. Sounds weird? Read on. My flight on Delta Airlines was supposed to leave on Friday at 5:45 AM from Houston International Airport. I got there about an hour before departure and

U.S. may embrace Obama, Aggie racism marches on, yet

This happened on the evening of Nov. 4th. After Obama was pronounced as the new president of USA, a bunch of us decided to hit a near by bar for a few drinks. When we got there, we saw a bunch of Aggies with T-shirts that said “Beat the hell outta Obama”. Before I go

Paying for someone else’s mortgage

Last week, the US government took control over Freddie Mac and Fanny May, the financial gaints of the US martage industry (and the crisis). Now this puts the US government in control of nearly half of the $12tn mortgage debt in the US (The two companies have lent or underwritten about $5.3 trillion mortgage debt