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When science went international

The notion of international conferences are a commonplace anymore. But such was not the case over 150 years ago. The first international scientific conference was held on Sept. 3rd, 1860. Sarah Everts marks the 150 years of science as international discipline with this fascinating article in C&E News. Here is an excerpt: When the 1860

Sex Riding the Tech Wave (NSFW)

Its not surprise that technology has been influenced heavily by people wanting to have sex or see other people have sex. Historically, when printing press came out, we had porn books follow soon; in the VHS vs. BetaMax war, VHS won primarily because porn videos were released in VHS and not in BetaMax (because BetaMax tapes, at least initially, were only 60 min. long); similarly when cameras came out, we had porn photographs. Why when Poloroids came out, you had home made porn hitting the cultural market in no time! So where is technology driving sex/porn now (or is it the other way around)?


Zeitgeist — The movie although a conspiracy theory, and may not all true, does have some sense of reality in it. I am the first admit that there are quite a few ‘facts’ in the movie that are, well, just plain wrong. For instance, ‘Krishna’ being a virgin birth being one of them. However, be

Logic – Flawed at best

Ravages‘ post about god and religion (trackbacked to my previous post) has attracted a lot of debate. The one most interesting to me was about logic. It is amusing how engineering, scientists swear by logic like it was the holy grail of truth and knowledge. I used to be one of them, till I read