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Aggie Racism marches on

The Aggies are all about traditions. It ranges from the inexplicable (now defunct) burning of a huge pile of wood (fatal accidents notwithstanding), to the nascent excitement of yelling on the midnight before football games, to the poignant homage to the dead through Muster and Silver Taps. Last month, we lost 6 Aggies. The second

Halloween and US Foreign Policy

Bush, Cheny, Libby, Rumsfelt, and others probably loved Halloween more than any other holiday. Something tells me that the lessons they took away from Halloween was the primary motivation for the foreign policy that they chose for their hapless nation. Still with me? No? Then let me explain. Halloween is the Christianized bastardization of the

Beauty Ideals from the Social Ladder

The beauty ideal continues to change with time; the best evidence for it is the way people presented themselves in the movies from various eras. Of course, the beauty ideal also varies from one geographic region to another, from one culture to another. For instance, in India, fairness is a yardstick for how beautiful someone


Zeitgeist — The movie although a conspiracy theory, and may not all true, does have some sense of reality in it. I am the first admit that there are quite a few ‘facts’ in the movie that are, well, just plain wrong. For instance, ‘Krishna’ being a virgin birth being one of them. However, be