Italian Bitch all set to rule ignorant india

Damn! what a shame!

Sad to see that the india has chosen to be ruled by an alien :(

Speaks of the extent of ingorance and illiteracy prevalent in india, and also answers the question “Why isnt there a political will to educate the masses?”

Face it, no one is really interested in ruling the nation. Everyone is in it for the corruption and to make their dough. National interest seems to be non existant. The sensex crashing over 800 points in a day is a testiment to the apathy brandished by the polical parties.

I am not sure if there is much that can be done about it by us, but atleast we can show our protest….

Here is a mail that I received…. Dont think it will help much, but atleast a voice will be heard


This is a political request ! I feel humiliated to have Sonia as our PM ! I am feeling so agitated about this affair.. It is really a national shame that we have spineless, gutless, docile Congress leaders (actually they are just having servant mentality :-( ) and its coalition leaders.

Please sign this petition and please forward it all your friends , if you believe that our nation deserved better than Sonia ! Give a call to your friends , share your agony, let us create a public opinion. I have decided to be more active from now on, I request you to do the same !

Please sign this petition to show your support :

Our aim is to have 10,000 signatures by End of Today.

Your Nationally,


My 2 paise’ worth contribution :)

Also I was thinking… may be google’s search can be skewed once again, this time to attack sonia gandhi…. just like before in case of Kerry and Bush. Who’s with me?

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