Monthly Archives: May 2004

Mircosoft patents apple!!!

I put up a post on software patents three weeks ago, and today I come across this! Could things possibly get any more ridiculous! maybe I should patent oranges, and the pebble that found across the street the other day. Here is the webpage as an inline frame Your browser doesnt support IFRAMES

Who is gonna build India

Bharath came down to my place on sunday, and the discussion started with traffic cops in Bangalore planning to use simputers to record traffic offences, and quickly moved to economy, industries, india shining, india inc., colonial india and what not. At the end of it I guess there was a point we agreed on. This

Cell phone ettiquette

There has been a great deal of hype about mobile connections and cell phones becoming cheap and inexpensive. I was quite amused to see a road sweeper brandish one a few days aback! Just about everyoe now has a cell phone. Having a cell phone used to be a status symbol before, but not any

Calling all Perl fans in Bangalore

Just registered myself at Perl Mongers. Been meaning to do it for quite some time. And now finally did it. I was surprised to see just one person in Perl Mongers, Bangalore User Group. I am quite sure there are loads of Perl users in Blore. Here is calling all of ‘em to join Perl