Cooking 101

Now that I have to adhere to a lifestyle dominated by frugality, it has become impertive that I start cooking to save my skin (and that of three others who happen to occupy the same apartment as I do). As I go through this process of self-enlightenment in unraveling the intricacies of cuisine assassination, I plan to write a book intended to educate the lost souls (as I am one right now) on the important aspects of nutritional transmutation. This work of art shall bear the designation befitting the quality of the oeuvre that it encloses betwixt its pages. It shall be called “Cooking 101″. I have bits and pieces of it in place, and here is an excerpt from the bestseller for generations to come…

Alright, so here begins

chapter 1: complement of ingridient set

This chapter deals with cooking food, in fact the entire book deals with cooking food. We shall start by taking baby steps. If you feel intimidated by this, then kindly tear out the cover of “Hitch Hiker’s guide to the galaxy”, the one that has “Don’t Panic” printed in large friendly letters and paste it just before this one. That will prepare you for what you are about to embark.

In this chapter you will learn how to cook food. Now, food by definition is a mean’s of subsistance. In other words, whatever it is that you cook has to, upon human comsumption, serve to prolong his/her stint on this universe as a living entity. In the worst case scenario, it has to NOT kill the person who chooses to ingest it. As incredibly daunting as the task and sound, weeding out the ingredients that render the cooked product to be unfit for human comsumption is not that difficult. In fact it is very simple.


First thing you need to do is construct a ingridient set. You go to the supermarket and go into the food/vegetables section. Make a list of all the items there. If you are a vegetarian, then exclude all the non-vegetarian items from this list. At the end of you survey, all the elements in your list will constitute what is referred to as the “Ingridient Set“. Assume the universal set to be the entire universe and all that is contains. Now take the complement of the “Ingridient Set” with respect to the universal set. The set you get is called “complement of ingridient set“. Remember, never use any of the elements in this set as an ingridient for anything that you may attempt to cook.

Chapter 2 coming up…..

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