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So India won the Twenty20 world cup

Am I the only one who suspects that India was allowed to win the cup in order to offset the massive losses that corporate India suffered after India’s early exit in the one-day world cup in West Indies?


Zeitgeist — The movie although a conspiracy theory, and may not all true, does have some sense of reality in it. I am the first admit that there are quite a few ‘facts’ in the movie that are, well, just plain wrong. For instance, ‘Krishna’ being a virgin birth being one of them. However, be

The second amendment and nuclear proliferation

Gun control laws (or lack thereof) is a bone of contention among everyone in the United States. The political parties take rigid stands on this in an attempt to woo single-issue voters (voters who will vote based on a single issue like either pro-gun-control or anti-gun-control). Lately, the issue of gun laws has cleaved American

Land of the free (?)

America has been self proclaimed as the land of the free. It has been close to 3 weeks since I landed here and have seen, observered a lot about american laws, people, law enforcement, and I am really begining to if if this is indeed the land of the free? What is free or freedom